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  • Mar 18




You will be aware of the cases of Covid-19 (novel coronavirus) confirmed in New Zealand and that the World Health Organisation has catagorised the virus as a pandemic.

We take our health and yours seriously.

As a small family owned and operated business we have always had the health and welfare of our clients and employees front and center.

However, we will follow any infectious disease protocols advised by the Ministry of Health.

Here’s how we’re helping keep you safe;

We have always had a policy of sending anyone unwell home (without or without a Pandemic)

Our drivers have always carried hand sanitiser and wipes and regularly wipe their steering wheels/door handles.

Gloves and other PPE are supplied to our team.

We are able to have office staff work from home if necessary – but can work in safe distances as advised in our office regardless.

We will be offering flu shots to our team

Here’s how you can help us;

Ensure your own staff wear gloves when handling bins.

Wrap or bag all waste.

Ensure you clean & disinfect equipment on your site.

While the country is taking precautions, please maintain the Govt recommended distances from our team as they will too, from you.

Ensure you let us know if your emptying frequency can be reduced.

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