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Take a look through our frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer please contact us.

I’m not sure what service type is right for me, can I change my mind?

Absolutely, give us a call and we can alter your service type or frequency.


I’m moving house, can I transfer my service to the new address?

Yes, if you’re moving to a Napier or Hastings address where we operate, let us know before you move.


Is a short term service available?

Yes, a minimum charge applies for a short term hire at home or work.


Can I increase or decrease my service frequency if I need to?

Yes, give us a call or email us that you’d like to increase or decrease collections and any charges or credits are applied.


I cannot put a wheeliebin at curbside, can you help?

Yes, ask about our door to door options.


Help, I need an extra empty?

That’s okay, give us a call to request any extra empties.


I’m going on an extended holiday, can I suspend the service?

Yes, although a nominal fee may apply while you’re away.


My scheduled empty is a public holiday, will it be actioned at another time?

Yes our Monday Greenwaste only services are always deferred to Friday of that same week, if you’re on another day of the week, check your date list or our services page.


Do I need to purchase a wheeliebin?

A Clean Earth ltd bin is provided for your use when using our services and you are responsible for it, each bin has its own unique number linked to your property.


There are so many different bin sizes, what’s right for me?

As environmental award winners it's our preference to minimise truck movements on the roads, mindful of public safety and the environment, so we promote the 240L bin size and address your output by the frequency of service.  That said, all bin sizes are available upon request.

Do I need to use liners in the wheeliebin?

Never use a liner on your Greenwaste only or Paper and Cardboard only services, but for General Waste it’s entirely up to you.  We have bin liners available for sale, just get in touch.

*items that claim to be 'compostable' ARE NOT accepted at Biorich at this time - if in doubt, give us a call.


Can I give a bin service as a gift to a friend or family member?

Yes, we’ll even deliver with your card or message on the appropriate day wherever possible.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept VISA and Mastercard, give us a call with your card details and your full invoice can be debited.


Are you WINZ - Kainga Ora - Oranga Tamariki approved?

Yes we are.


What can I put in my General Waste wheeliebin?

Any general household waste, but not concrete, dirt, liquid or hazardous substances, paint, building materials, appliances, tyres, fireplace ashes – if in doubt, don’t throw out, give us a call.


What can I put in my Greenwaste Only wheeliebin?

Any garden generated waste such as lawn clippings, prunings, weeds as well as any organic household products such as peelings from vegetables excluding dirt, concrete, pebbles, rocks, fireplace ashes – if in doubt, don’t throw out, give us a call.


What can I put in my Paper Only wheeliebin?

All paper and cardboard products that are ‘clean’ ie; uncontaminated with food, grease, staples, binders, plastic coatings etc… if in doubt, don’t throw out, give us a call.


What happens if I’ve accidentally put General Waste in my Greenwaste only or Paper and Cardboard Only bin?

Don’t put your bin out on your normal scheduled service day, let us know and an alternative service will be arranged for a small fee.


What to do with doggy doo?

It’s not okay to go into a Greenwaste only bin – in our General Waste services please bag or wrap animal waste; kitty litter, birdcage linings etc…


My bin wasn’t emptied, what went wrong?

Check it was your empty day, it’s easy to get out of synch at busy times. Did you have your bin at curbside by 8.00am? If you’re on a specified door to door option were gates unlocked, dogs tied up and the bin able to be accessed? Is your account up to date? Did you have prohibited or overweight material in your bin? Otherwise, give us a call and we’ll take care of it.