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Services at home

Clean Earth takes care of it - waste and recycling - since 1986

Domestic General Waste Services

Wheeliebins - Skip Bins - Hook Bins - Flexibins

 Clean Earth takes care of waste and recycling at your home, from the curbside or right from your door.

(door to door is a specific service type that is invoiced for, please contact our office if you need this level of service)

Wheeliebins MUST BE AT CURBSIDE BY 8.00am.  We ask that you disinfect your bin handle/lid contact points before placing at curbside and after you take in again.  This is to keep both you and our drivers well and healthy.

Liners are available for both your Clean Earth Ltd bin and for your Council Bin - even if you do not use our regular services, just get in touch.

Wheeliebins are hygienic, easy to manoeuvre and come in a range of sizes to suit your waste output, location and personal requirements.  You can 'Go Green' choose 'Paper Only' or 'Mix it up' with both household and garden waste combined.  We even have a casual option with a Wheeliebin supplied for up to 4 collections at your leisure.

We encourage you to source separate and keep your general waste apart from organic or recyclable material. 

Talk to us about how you can achieve this at home.

We understand that your financial circumstances are unique and offer a wide range of payment options from regular APs, monthly payments, as well as accepting VISA and Mastercard for annual payments.  Talk to us about how you'd like to pay as we know we can find an option that works for you and your budget.

We offer quotes for WINZ and Kainga Ora.

Clean Earth takes care of casual clean ups at home.

There are all sorts of options for your casual clean up at home from a quick clear out of the shed to those chronic hoarders that finally have to let it all go (no judgement).

We have options for weekend or week long casual bins for your home or garden clean ups.  We have specialised bins for concrete, dirt and hardfill and are an authorised WINZ quote provider.



Wheelie Bin Services

We supply 240L wheeliebins for all types of services at home.  We address waste output by frequency of service, but recognise you may prefer a bin of a different size, just let us know when you enquire about;

  • General household waste 
  • Greenwaste only
  • Monthly services
  • Fortnightly services
  • Weekly services
  • Extra empties
  • Door to Door services
  • Casual services
  • Gifting a service
  • Liners available

240L Wheeliebins - other sizes available upon request.  Price guide from $7.00 to $15.00 inc GST per week, depending on the service you need.  Specialised options may attract additional fees.


Wheelie Bin

Wheeliebin Liners


We know many of you like to line your wheeliebins and, as all of your general waste goes to Landfill, that's no problem.  Order by email now.

  • For use in general waste bins only
  • Delivery on your next service day
  • We encourage liner use for offensive waste types

240L & 120L Wheeliebin liners $35.00 inc GST for 30 liners.

Composting Kitchen Caddy

We encourage domestic foodwaste recycling - Order by email now.

  • Create an environmentally friendly home or business
  • Delivery on your next service day

7L Kitchen Caddy to help your at home composting.

Casual Front Load Bins

Our open topped 3.0m³ - 4.0m³ Front Load Bins are suitable for small clean ups at home of general household waste.

  • Rural areas may attract mileage fees
  • 3-5 day hireage 
  • Long term hireage available
  • Extra empties available
  • 400kg of dump fees included per empty
  • Overweight dump fees may apply
  • We also collect your Flexibin - contact us for a quote

No liquids, concrete, dirt, rolled wire, hazardous material or other prohibited landfill products.  Extra empties and long term hireage attract additional fees.

L 2.0m W2.0m H 1.0m

Casual Skip Bins


Our 9.0m3 Skip bins are suitable for your weekend or week long clean up of bulky and unwieldy waste types; furniture, appliances and large articles not suited to the Casual Front Load bins.  A skip bin is suitable when you're;

  • Napier and Hastings
  • Rural areas may attract mileage fees
  • 3-5 day hireage
  • General waste clearance
  • Home renovation
  • Estate clean ups
  • Garden clearance/hedge trimming
  • 1860KG of dump fees included
  • WINZ & Kainga Ora quotes
  • We also collect your Flexibin - contact us for a quote

No liquids, concrete, dirt, rolled wire, hazardous material or other prohibited landfill products.  Overweight dump fees are charged at the current transfer station rates.

L 3.6m W 1.5m H 1.8m


Hardfill Hook Bins


Our 6.0m3 Hook bins are suitable for all home hardfill removal with suitable vehicle access.  This bin is easy to use with doors that open right up and is great for the following; 

  • Digging a swimming pool
  • Concrete path and driveway removal
  • Chimney demolition
  • Concrete roofing tiles
  • Dedicated hardfill disposal
  • Dump fees are included in full
  • We also collect your Flexibin - contact us for a quote

No general waste permitted in this dedicated hardfill only disposal option.  Maximum Load 4 tonne.

L 4.5m W 2.0m H .8m


Casual Hook Bin

Our largest hook bins are perfect for bulky waste and large objects.

  • 6.0m3 Hook - most suitable for concrete and hardfill
  • 15m3 Hook 
  • 20m3 Hook 
  • Permanent or casual hire available
  • Transport charge plus full dump fees apply
  • We also collect your Flexibin - contact us for a quote

L 4.5m W 2 - 2.4m H .8m - 1.8m

Order Your Wheelie Bin or Casual Clean up Bin Today

At Clean Earth, we are ready and waiting to speak to you about what best suits you and your household.

How it Works

For Wheeliebins

Give us a call or send us an email with your requested service.  Price and delivery date is confirmed.  Clean Earth invoices a full year of service from the 1st of April each year for permanent home wheeliebin options.  How you pay your account is entirely up to you, to suit your budget, with either monthly or quarterly APs... we don't charge differently depending on how you pay.  For casual wheeliebin services, payment is required in full on delivery.  We also accept VISA and Mastercard for annual payments and casual services.

For Casual clean up bins

Give us a call or send us an email with your requested service.  Price, delivery date and any special requirements are confirmed.  Your invoice is issued and payment is required prior to delivery.  Any overweight dump fee charges are invoiced after removal.  You can pay by direct deposit, cheque or cash to the driver on delivery.  If you choose to pay by VISA or Mastercard, your card is not debited until the bin has been removed.