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  • Feb 16

Hello everyone - we apologise for the lack of communication during the cyclone and floods.

We, like you in Napier - were evacuated, we had/have no power nor internet and, unreliable phone coverage.

However, until our generators arrive - currently en route, we CAN only reliably receive facebook messaging on our personal FB page (Deborah Burnside).

Please only use this system of messaging if you are a Supermarket or bulk food supplier or a medical facility.

For general mixed waste wheeliebin users at home - THE LANDFILL IS CLOSED AND INACCESSIBLE AT THIS TIME - even the routes to the Landfill are currently obstructed - we will have a further update on Monday 20th February 2023.

If you have a general waste wheeliebin service with us at home and want some extra wheeliebin bin bags we will attempt to arrange to get some to you - if we do not reply to your email request it is because we cannot - we are not ignoring you.  Communication is very sporadic.

Please double bag all waste at home in the interim and keep it in a cool dry place if possible.  

If you are a commercial wheeliebin user and your business is open - use the FB messenger to get in touch.

If you are a GREENWASTE only wheeliebin user - we apologise but that service is not essential and will not be undertaken on Monday 20th of February - BioRich is currently underwater.

If you are a paper/cardboard service user - that product is inoffensive and can be held on your site - also... Oji Fibre is inaccessible and, we have not yet confirmed the disposal site at Hawk is either accessible or accepting product.  We also wish to limit truck movements across the bridges in the region.

For those with flood damaged items and freezer disposals at home - SUPERMARKETS - BULK FOOD SUPPLIERS AND MEDICAL FACILITIES must be served first of all.

We will take an order for a SKIP or HOOK or casual front load bin - but... delivery and removal will be for the above first and domestic home users 2nd and, only after we have a Landfill update for disposal.

We do have help coming by way of extra bins from our servicing partners on National deliveries Envirowaste Services Ltd so... if you can sit tight... we will do everything we can to be of service.

Trusting you and your loved ones are safe - of our team 4 were evacuated and are now safe and ready to be of service to you, your business and family.

We will update our website again as soon as we have more information.

Take care from all of the team - Deborah, Robert, Ben, Andrew, Matthew, Tom, Christine, Darrell and cheese the dog.

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