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  • Dec 22

So sweet to see suddenly shy, Eli and his Mum drop in a Merry Christmas gift to our driver, Tom.

Thank you to everyone that has shown their appreciation this year to our amazing team of drivers; Andrew, Ben, Darrell, Matthew, Robert and Tom.

If you are a Greenwaste only wheeliebin client - public holiday empties always defer to FRIDAY of the same scheduled week.

For Christmas week and New Year week - wheeliebins that are normally Tuesday are deferred to THURSDAY instead.

Wednesday wheeliebin services stay just the same.

Front load collections continue on Wed-Sat like normal - with those extras already booked in for the public holiday Boxing Day and the day after New Year.

There are no wood diversion nor paper/cardboard recycling collections again (unless prebooked in)  until the week beginning January 8th 2024.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU - to everyone that has supported us this year - it's been a tough one, but we made it.

Take care, drive safely, enjoy your time with family and friends this Christmas.

Deborah, Robert and the dedicated office crew - Chris and Marisa.

 *photograph with permission - Eli just loves seeing the rubbish truck arrive at his daycare each week and we love how our whole team connects with our Hawke's Bay Community.

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